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Volusia County Fairgrounds
Saturday and Sunday February 27th and 28th
The Fairgrounds are located 15 miles West of Daytona Beach,
Just off Interstate 4 at State Route 44 near DeLand

Location and Maps

*Rain or Shine*
We have a 30,000 sq.ft. Indoor Arena with stage and sound system

Bike Week1

Visit the Razorbacks Website Click Heree

The Razorbacks!
Saturday: 4:00-5:30 PM
Biker Bash


Fast Lane Daytona Swap  Meet
Our neighbors at the Fairgrounds

 is giving people 1/2 off on Admission with a "Stamp"  from the Freedom Rally, so if they come see us first they go to both events for  $7.50 instead of $10.00. $5.00 Admission at the Freedom Rally, then only $2.50 at Troy's Biker Swap Meet- he has Cold Beer too! 


Check out the video of Rhonda explaining The Rally!



Watch Congressional Candidate Lieutenant Colonel Allen West.
Don’t miss him speak at the Rally! He will be coming to speak on Sunday at 3pm.



Why a Biker’s Freedom Rally during Bike Week 2010?

Our Constitutionally guaranteed Freedoms and Protections are under attack as never before
The foundation of freedom is limited government. The more government, the less freedom is what history teaches us. This is about AMERICA! We are AMERICA! “We the people” must act to restore and maintain our Free Republic.  It is time to Act
The goals of this event are to promote individual liberty, personal responsibility and to unite Americans through grassroots efforts and organizations. We will unite, educate, and act to affect a positive change in our freedom based, freedom loving, civil society.

We will use focused entertainment and intelligent speakers to cover a wide variety of freedom based topics. Everything from the dangers we are currently facing to focused solutions for fighting back the tide of tyranny will be covered. The use of educational media, seminars, and political activism will be discussed. We need to be energized and proactive like no time since the First American Revolution, which resulted in our radical experiment in limited government and individual liberty.

Our founders warned us about  the dangers our republic would face from within through the ever expanding power of the federal government. The warning signs that they were indeed wise are all around us right now. The media is no longer the watchdog of the people, it is the lapdog of the government, so we must do our duty and be our own watchdogs and activists.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights with the1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendments will be explained and encouraged specifically at this event! To remain free we must hold our Freedom close to our hearts and never forget the price Americans throughout our history have paid to provide this fundamental right to all legal American Citizens! Blood, Courage, Unwavering Commitment, anything and everything, that's what they gave. What will you do to restore their vision and pass this torch on to our next generation? There is so much to do and time is running out. We the People are in serious danger of losing our basic inalienable rights!

Do not let this happen on our watch. Get engaged and do something, Now!
Come to this Freedom Rally and get Charged up and leave with a new desire to use the ammunition we provide you with to take your country back- "Ride Free, LIVE FREE!"


Check Out the Documentary Film about the Tea Party Movement.

Showings at the event!


Omega Ranch Hunt and Gun Club
Raffle at the Rally
Win-One Free Hog Hunt Camp Package
One free meat hog hunt and night stay

50% off coupon. Click Here


 IN GOD WE STILL DO TRUST!! Hunting and Shooting Range 1,400 +/- Acres of Guaranteed Hog Hunts Starting at $100 Managed Deer, Turkey, Trophy and Meat Hogs

Rifle Hunts www.bucksbeardsandboars.com 

Exclusive Bow Hunting Areas www.cjboutfitters.com 

Our Range is 100% NRA Member Affiliated Club with Pistol, Rifle and 3-D Archery Areas. www.volusiacountygunandhuntclub.com

Historical reenactments, Survival/Tactical/GPS Training, Organic Farming, Tilapia Spearing, Bass Fishing, Lakes, Camping, Cabins, Horse Stables, Trails, Sports Fields, Challenge Courses, Laser Tag, Air soft, BMX/Mountain Bike

877-595-HUNT (4868)

The ranch is handicap accessible. We love outreach and will be glad to discuss opportunities for families and youth at no cost. James 1:27
Sponsored by www.giadevelopment.com 

fairtax    www.fairtax.org

FairTax.org Bike Ride to the event.

Sunday February 28. FairTax East Volusia!

Meet @ 11:00 - 11:45 at City Island in Daytona Beach, Magnolia & Beach St. FairTax Bus @ City Island and following riders. Leave @ noon.
Destination Fairgrounds for Freedom Rally In conjunction with the Grass Roots Freedom Riders. Need organizers, promoters, riders everyone can help with this with or without a motorcycle!!


Come Listen to Cochise speak to the crowd!
 Volusia'a own Biker PATRIOT- OUST All Incumbents.

I Am Sovereign
"In so far as there is any worldly sovereign in the United States, it is not the general will, or the Congress, or the President. It is I. I am sovereign here. I hold the highest office of the land, the office of citizen, with responsibilities to my country heavier, by virtue of my office, than those of any other officer, including the President.
I cannot abdicate my right, because it is inalienable. If I try to abdicate it, to the general will, or to my representatives or my ministers, I am guilty of betraying not only democracy but my nature as a man endowed with certain inalienable rights.
from The Tribute Money,
by Milton Mayer.








Fred Big





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We are still selling Tickets!
Only 1500 will be sold.

Bike Raffle only $20 per chance.
Click Here for details and to purchase Raffle Tickets.


Join this Great Event.
1st Annual
Bikers Rally for Freedom!
Better DEAD than RED...
Saturday and Sunday
February 27th and 28th

  • Food
  • Music
  • Vendors
  • Historians
  • Seminars
  • Political Arena
  • Bike Rides
  • Education
  • Speakers
  • Entertainers
  • Open Mic
  • Authors
  • Workshops
  • Literature

*Rain or Shine*
We have a 30,000 sq.ft. Indoor Arena with stage and PA system.

Download and Print Flyers and Posters.
Poster - Click Here
Flyer - Click Here

Lots more event Information Below
Riders and groups from all over the Country are coming!... Join them for some true grassroots Fun and Inspiration.

Admission Only
$5.00/ Day

Pay at the gate. Free Parking.


Please help us finance this event.

New Information is being added to the web site daily. Please check back frequently.

Sponsors and Vendor Form - click here

If you would like to participate as a sponsor or vendor use the form. Accepting Applications

We need Sponsors and Vendors- PLEASE! T-shirts, Banners, Production Crews and Equipment,& Signage are very expensive.

God bless you and God bless & Save America!

Open Call to speak for all Candidates:

Join our Political Arena and let your voice be heard! Click Here to participate.

Volunteers Needed - If you would like to help in any way please contact us.

We could use a RV or Camper for the weekend if anyone could loan us one.

Ocean Prop
Ocean Properties & Management, Inc.
3506 S. Atlantic Avenue
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169


They have generously donated Condos for some of our guests....Thank You!

Event Information



Featured Band: The Razorbacks -
Rock-A-Billy- Great sound!!!! They play to Full House in Bank & Blues Club, Main Street every Bike Week.
18 years playing in Daytona!
Visit the Razorbacks

The Rivoli's of Rivoli Revue -
Kay & Ron: Toured with Tea Party Express.
 Check out their song "Press One for English"! 
Watch it on YouTube


Chris Cassone . He is driving around the country playing his songs and whipping up crowds. He played at 9-12 March on Washington and  sang "Take Our Country Back".
 He’s got a new one now
"(We've Had) ENOUGH!
Don’t miss him.

Rebel -
from South Carolina,  myspace.com/rebelrocks2006

Titan IV -
from Orlando, myspace.com/titaniv

Robert Ducat -
Solo Artist

The MOB band -  
A good mix of every type of music

Phat Lipp -

More great artist to come....


Jason Hunter - Comedian.
www.jasonhunter.net and facebook.com/jasonhuntercomedy


Key Note Speaker: Tom Tabback -
Author of “Joe the Plumber, Give US no KING!”
Author of Things Forgotten, Inspirational Speaker & American Missionary for One Nation Under GOD!

Facebook page

Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West (US Army, Retired)
(R) District 22 - South Florida
Direct from CPAC in Washington DC.

JOHN CLARK - Show Host and Author. He’ll be speaking about Illegal Immigration's impact on America
click here
Americans for Immigration Control
 "America Betrayed"
Listen at: www.THEAMERICANVOICE.com

“Biker Rogue” will be in the house to Rally Us All. Don’t miss this! Of BOLT & Eayriders Magazine- Sturgis Bikers Hall of Famer! http://www.bikerrogue.com/

Kristi Risk- Indiana- US Congress  "Party Politics"
Resistnet.com - Grassroots Organization
Home of the Patriotic Resistance


Jeff McQueen - founder of the American Revolution II flag! Grass Roots Organizer- going on tour with Tea Party Express. www.usrevolution2.com  and http://www.resistnet.com/profile/JeffMcQueen

COCHISE - Volusia'a own Biker PATRIOT- OUST All Incumbents

RC of Big Bend Bikers for Freedom - I am American!

B.O.L.T. the "NO COMPROMISE" biker rights collective.

Walter Reddy - Founder of Committees of Safety
"Putting Teeth in the 10th Amendment"

Scott Silver - "Soveriegn State Depository"

Margie Pachett  & Ed Conner - Lower Taxes Now & Volusia Tax Reform

More great speakers to come....


Fred Costello
Mayor Fred Costello
-  State Representative - Dist 26

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West (US Army, Retired)
(R) District 22 - South Florida

Deon Long (R)  Candidate for US Congress 24th District in Florida.    www.deonlong.com

Pam Bondi (R) is running for Florida State Attorney General.

Paula Dockery for Governor

Bernie DeCastro US Senate FL

Teresa Valdes  Dist 28 Fl. House Rep
Scott Plakon Fl. House Incumbent

Sandy Adams US Congress Fl. Dist. 24

Deon Long Dist 24

Karen Diebold US Congress Dist 24

Jason Davis Dist 24

Dan Fanelli- Dist. 8

Deb Denys - School Board of Volusia County

Alison Curtis
- Volusia County Council-Dist.5

Edward Dedelow  US Congress District 24

Patricia Sullivan  US Congress Dist. 8

Alex Snitker US Senator "Libertarian
http://snitker2010.com/ "

Kurt Kelly US Congress District 08

Tom Garcia US Congress District 24



Sons of Liberty will hold their state meeting and elections at the event.




Tea Party Patriots Live - Orlando Patriots Radio

Mid Day Volusia- local radio program on WELE 1380 Daytona Beach.

Articles in Spectator Magazine
- http://spectator.org/archives/2009/12/09/if-we-do-nothing


Biker Blogs

Participating Patriot NON-PROFIT Organizations:

Volusia 912.Project -

Fair Tax  - www.fairtax.org  
Kristina Bouterse, East Volusia Chapter & Alison Curtis ,West Volusia Chapter
Hosting & Putting Freedom Ride Together
FairTax East Volusia

Volusia Tax Reform - www.volusiataxreform.com

Lower Taxes Now - www.lowertaxesnow.org   

Sons of Liberty RidersSonsOfLibertyRiders.com

American Liberty Riders -

Biker Rogue -

Titusville Patriots-

O'Town Tea Party Patriots  -

Orlando Tea Party Patriots  -

Tea Party Patriots Party Live - 660 AM Radio

Ocala Tea Party Patriots Mary Clark-Prayer Warrior!

Volusia Tea Party Patriots -

 Independence Caucus - 

North Lake Tea Party -

Space Coast Patriots - Judith Timothy - Coconut Telegrapher



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